Privacy Policy

All the necessary security related steps are taken by us in order to protect your sensitive information from any kind of threat. Your security is our highest priority.

Our expert IT team does not take any chances and works day and night to make sure your identity is safe. In addition, a highly reliable software and SSL encryption system is installed in our system to keep the sharing of your data with our lenders completely secure.

When we need to share your data with our lenders while processing your loan application, we do it only after getting permission from you. Our dependable lenders maintain the trust by following our privacy policy carefully enough to be sure that the confidentiality of your identity is not compromised.

Whenever the government authorities seek any info about a borrower, we give our full co-operation by providing them with your details.

The details you to share with us are essential to be in contact with you during the processing of your loan request, discuss, and negotiate with our lenders, send the arranged offers to you, and to keep our records up to date to be in touch with you.

When the dealing is over, your data is deleted from our system to make sure it cannot be used for unethical means.

You can always check our website for information and related policies about our services without sharing any of your details with us.

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Quick Installment Loans have the right and power to amend the supplied clauses anytime when required for the betterment of the services.