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The use of the website quickinstallmentloans.ca is subject to the acceptance of the Terms And Conditions mentioned in this agreement. So, it is advised to read this policy very carefully as by using the site you are giving your consent over the terms mentioned herein. In case, you are not satisfied with any of the following term then please avoid using the site and exit immediately.

Please note that this page tells about the 'Terms Of Use' of this website. The lending terms of the loan agreement will be different and told you by the loan provider while offering the loan service.

1. About Us

quickinstallmentloans.ca is one of the well known loan arranging website that help loan seekers to find the right deal from the right lender. Here we help the Canadian citizens to grab the appropriate lending offer that suits their condition from the lender available in our panel. It is notable that we are not the direct lenders and can't take the lending decision. By making our application, you are authoring us to share your details with the lenders in our panel and find the suitable option.

The lending process is conduct by the original lender in order to take the decision. We are not the part of their process so can't guarantee you about the loan approval. It is must that you offer the correct details in the application so lender can offer you the apt deal. It is advised to check the lending offer carefully before making any commitment as you are taking it completely at your risk.

We provide our service free of cost so loan seeker can avail it anytime without any worry. It is notable that we get the referral fee from the lender for giving details of the potential borrower.

2. Third Party Links

At quickinstallmentloans.ca, there might be some links of third party websites that might interest you. But before visiting these links, you must consider that these are not controlled or managed by us and we don't endorse or recommend such sites. It means if you wish to visit these sites then you must do it at your risk as we are not liable for any damage you face due to using these links. It is advised to read the terms of that site before making the use to avoid any hassle.

3. Disclaimers And Liability Limitation

We endeavor to give our clients the hassle free and excellent service but we don't guarantee that content and other material of the site is free from errors. We try to rectify the mistake as soon as found thus we don't take any liability for the problem you face because is using the website. It is notable that you are trusting the content and using the site totally at your own risk.

4. Copyright And Other Proprietary Law

Here at quickinstallmentloans.ca, we hold the copyright and propriety law that give total protection to the content, design, images and other material available at our website. Visitors are just authorized copy, download or print the required material from the site for their personal usage. The reproduction or republishing any material from the website for commercial usage is strictly prohibited by the law.

5. Governing Laws

The terms and conditions of the lending offer are governed by the Law of Canada and the chosen province. It is advised to check the loan contract as per the lending laws applicable in your state in order to avoid any hassle in future.

6. Terms Modification

One must note that here we reserve the right to modify the content and terms of the site at any point of time without notice. Thus, it is visitor's duty to check the terms of use before using the website as modified terms comes with immediate effects. Do note that we are not at all responsible for the problem you face because of negligence of the updates.

7. Way To File Complaints

Here we make every effort to give satisfactory service to our clients. But in any case, they face any issue dealing then they can simply file a complaint by writing to us at info@quickinstallmentloans.ca. We will check your complaint and get back to you in a limited time with the relevant response.

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